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Spring/Summer 2015 Issue no. 24

Editor's View: Due to popular request, this edition features Fav Blog Roll for May Asian American Pacific Islander (APIA) Month. Originally published at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress in May 2013, it is a selection of blogs and resources discovered during earlier meanderings. The colors and arrangement hint at the flavor and spectrum available, the caveat being that there are so many more. So in the re-run, an attempt at organization is based upon categorizations which the reader may find useful.

The divide of bloggers against one another can never be acceptable. Our whole attempt in organization is to feature a favorable representative presentation of what is possible rather than a conquer-and-divide mentality. The spread of sectarianism is already causing chaos around the world, it being that it has always been impossible for the 1% to voice the interests of the 99%, since it stands in the way of Nature and so many other avenues of existence. However, new global trade pacts, such as the TPP and TTIP, are making it possible for corporations to sue long-standing native trade companies over their market rights based on anything from patented name to human genomes.

This takes the edition to critique Move to Amend and it's relationship to "the globalization of democracy." Move to Amend aims to take back Citizens United, a Supreme Court ruling in favor of corporations and the establishment of Super-PACs. The ruling essentially grants those with more money to spend, more speech, better access to legislators, and insider privileges than the 99%. Lobbying powers and unlimited election spending inflates the costs of political campaigns, ultimately fostering an imbalance to the advantage of corporations. A new round of favors in the form of appointments, contracts, legislative votes, and executive policies is being propagated.

The result is a society conditioned to react to moral and ethical dilemmas through the expected consumption model of feedback loops. This is partly why the film preview, "Tested," is regarded with extreme care: APIAs walk a fine line between being able to game the system and pushback. Not only Asians but other minorities are increasingly forced in the direction of the few available expanding career fields. These avocational areas, in which inflationary costs unsurprisingly outpace average annual income growth, have provoked knee-jerk reactions from the Republican Congress, which threatens to pull back supports.

As the pundits say, we have an economy "running on steroids." Nowadays "to make it" requires an unquestioning conformity with authorities. One sad example is how early learning programs indoctrinate children on the importance of academic and career achievement. Success is defined in capitalistic terms, whereas discussions revolving around ethical mores and religion are banned. Nascent paganism, barbarism, and occultism as depicted on television are okay, but space for exposure to traditional world religions with emphasis on tolerance and goodness is limited.

The rising costs of college and widespread privatization means that it's no longer really possible to work one's way around the country and find oneself. Should one try, I suspect the levels of apathy and hostility related to outsourcing, nonunion jobs, families in transition, and organized crime may make it safer to stay addicted to cellular.

Re-Run of Fav Blog Roll from Asian Pacific Americans for Progress

Fav Blog Roll for May APIA Month

It is Asian American Pacific Islander Month--time to celebrate a few wonderful blogs. Here are just a few of some of the interesting blogs AND resources I have bookmarked. If you can add to this list, please feel free to do so!

                  Angry Asian Man

Asian American and Pacific Islander Higher Education Resource Center  

                   Asian American Blogs  

Asian American Center for Advancing Justice      

Asian-American Legal Defence and Education Fund

                        Asian-American Politics

Asian Fortune  (NEW)   

Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center

                        Asia Pacific Forum

  Asian Pacific Heritage Association

Being Chinese   

Committee Against Anti-Asian Violence (CAAAV)

  Francis Kai-Hwa Wang

Geeky Asian Guy


Initiatve on Asians and Pacific Islanders (under the leadership of President Barack and Lady Michelle Obama)

Ed Moy


National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum

National Coalition for Asian Pacific Community Development

National Register of Historic Places Program: Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month May           

Northwest Asian Weekly

Pure Insight               


              Yellow Rage

NEW Blog Roll Roundup for Asian American Pacific Islander (APIA) Month



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